We are a company dedicated to study, understand and provide answers to the needs of the Latin American financial industry, relying on the most efficient global practices to adapt to the demanding market realities and make the region's banking system smarter.

We have valid and cost-effective alternatives that meet the highest quality standards required by the financial industry, growth-oriented, continuous evolution and adding value to our customers, shareholders and the community.

Our team combine has decades of experience in software development and colaborate together in an ecosystem where over 200 certified specialists operating through a network of partners with presence in Latin America. We offer our customers advanced and innovative solutions based on cutting-edge technologies, focusing on the management of the different segments of financial business, rather than management products.

Our service facilitates user interaction with applications and guarantees agility, safety and efficiency in all processes, as their needs and expectations indicate the path to follow to create lasting relationships through a warm and timely support.


Smart Financial has developed new technology architectures to support the banking upgrade and transform their core systems, achieving:

-Adapting existing platforms and systems to the new market demands, to the realities of interaction dominated by social networks and regulations implemented by governments.

-Design and implement a strategy to modernize core systems that do not represent large costs and efforts.

-Adapting the technology platform to improve time -to-market, innovative services, increase profitability and gain market share.


Smart Financial wants to be recognized by the Latin American financial industry, as the company that provides the most innovative technological solutions and guarantees a personalized service to their customers.

So for us it’s important team work, innovation, honesty and customer focus, allowing us to work for:

-Deliver technology solutions in a timely, effective and secure manner to the financial industry.

-Having a team of competent and committed people.

-Continuously improve our processes.

-Effectively address and ensure customer satisfaction.


We reduced costs, per transaction, per customer, operation and maintenance of infrastructure hardware, software and communications.

We achieved a higher operating performance, through a strategy multi-channel with the resilience to restore the system. It operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and has a scalable platform that grows keeping its ideal performance.

We promise greater flexibility, so that the business logic is fully configurable with a reusable code. It has a generator of screens that reduces complexity and promotes rapid product development.

We provide greater functionality, it is easy to use and is designed as a tool for management, to enable the bank to operate independently of the system provider, offering tools for monitoring, projections and simulations.

We become the reliable supplier partner, to have certified specialists and factory -based software quality standards such as ISO and CMMi industry.

We have an excellent customer reference, more than 50 active facilities in Latin America and successful implementations in different industry segment: Retail Banking, Investment Banking, Financial Companies, cooperatives, savings funds and loans.

We innovate in project management with a SMART® model for successful project management implementation, migration processes structured and tested based on guidelines established by the Project.

We guarantee viability modernization projects core environments, through an ideal strategies to support progressive transformation of the systems that support critical business processes architecture.

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