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Inttegrio Core Banking offers an alternative to financial institutions that are trapped in a “core system” whose design and technology are outdated, which represent high current challenges to maintain the institution with market trends and customer demands.

Inttegrio Core Banking has a design that enables technological components that act itself and interdependent manner, facilitating integration with other external components required to complement the functionality..

Inttegrio helps align business strategy with the regulatory environment and other specialized technological solutions available on the market.

We seek to comprehensively satisfy all the functionalities required by Banks, in order to have a platform that allows us to respond quickly to market demands.

Our architecture is configured for main and auxiliary modules to provide a platform that  facilitates the efficient management of customer relationships (CRM),), supported by solid operational and accounting functions


1. Channels: Core banking Inttegrio receives data from the outside through different channels (Internet banking, Branch, Mobile banking, POS, ATM, Kiosk, IVR and call center).

2. UCI (Universal Channel Interface): Maintains system connectivity, transport, routing and messaging conversion by entering different channels; It includes monitoring of executed transactions.

3. Set and General Settings: The basis for the management of all the system catalogs, parameterization and dynamic overall system configuration.

4. People: Manages a differentiated types of customers, prospects, suppliers and employees. Management of financial information and data required for parameterization of products.

5. Accounting: It automatically and online to accounts controlled by the system. Financial statements reflects agency and / or cost centers, auxiliary accounts and accounting entries

6. Banking: Manages all central banking account, credit, ticketing, finance and channels.

7. MIS (Management Information System): Performs analysis of key business indicators as assets and liabilities, rate analysis, cash flow, sources and uses, economic and financial ratios, and profitability.

8. BPM Inttegrio – Business Process Management: The system has a rules-based BPM standard product business, with work flows developed in JPDL.


Savings and checking accounts: Definition of liability products such as checking and savings accounts; transactions related to sight accounts as transfers, automatic payments, cashier checks and issuance of bank references.

Term deposits: Definition of term products such as deposits and certificates of deposit; interest payments at various frequencies and anticipated, pledges, assignments, renewals and prepayments.

Loans:  Consumer & business credits, back to back, lines of credit, promissory notes, leasing and factoring. Individual microcredit, community banking, re- lending and social balance. Handling grace periods, repayment tables, loan restructuring, promotion rates and settlement.

Warranties: Collateral guarantees, mortgage, securities, pledges, revolving guarantees, forfeitures control, appraisals and inspections control.

Collection: Segmentation of the portfolio allocation of collectors, collection control, call center file generation of warnings and messages expiration.

Foreign trade:  Letters of credit and collection of import and export, opening letters of credit and standby, endorsements and guarantees.

Treasury:  Management own portfolio of equities and bonds, mark to market, trem deposits, liabilities loans, credit lines and fixed terms of assets.

Debit Card: Managing plastics, association analysis, management of quotas, sponsored cards, multiple accounts, and ability to integrate with Switch interfaces with standard ISO 8583; and application control and prevention of fraud transaction.

Teller/Brach Operations: Management of customer service transactions, generation of programmable ballot, interfaces or drivers with different devices; cash Management.

Trade and remittances:  MManaging local checks and remittance of correspondents, records and reports generation for compensation check 21 interface, switch interface, confirmations and returns.

Images and signatures:  Generating online documentation, image management by contracted companies and product

Internet Banking: Management of Internet banking transactions such as transfers, taxes and service payments, loans, carry a fixed term, ordering checkbooks and deposit slips.


Responds to a standard high-perfomance platform


  • Independence of operating systems, databases and infrastructure.
  • Possibility of operating on multiple processing technologies.
  • Flexible and scalable architecture.
  • Efficient management of communications and network resources.
  • Security and compliance with quality standards of the industry.
  • High availability and resiliency capabilities for disaster recovery.



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