Inttegrio Financial Terminal

The quality of financial services is valued by most users from key experiences or moments of truth, they experience in their relationships with their suppliers banks, primarily through at the window and platform for electronic transactions.

Inttegrio Financial Terminal offers financial institutions an advanced platform for managing operations at the window, which interfaces easily and transparently with switch and core transactional systems.

It has almost 1,000 predefined types of transactions and has the capacity to facilitate the parameterization of new transactions. A solution easy to implement, based on the latest technologies with proven effectiveness, scalable to support business growth.


Inttegrio® Financial Terminal Terminal provides all the tools for effective and efficient execution of transactions requested by customers requiring a financial movement.

  • Automatic accounting tools, integrated analysis, bill payment, transaction generator and reports.
  • Transfer of cash from ATMs and branches, and online transaction processing.
  • Access and control of transactions and receipt printing operation discretion.
  • Verification of signatures for debit transactions.
  • Multicurrency and multi-language.
  • Easy integration with the bank’s services through the ICU and with different devices to workstations.
  • Management of authorizations defined in the system and verifying signatures for debit transactions.
  • Administration and effective management of opening, closing and balancing of boxes.
  • Cash control and cash vaults.
  • Web design and “Non Stop”.

Debit Card: Managing plastics, association analysis, management of quotas, sponsored cards, multiple accounts, and ability to integrate with Switch interfaces with standard ISO 8583; and application control and prevention of fraud transaction.

Teller/Brach Operations: Management of customer service transactions, generation of programmable ballot, interfaces or drivers with different devices; cash Management.

Trade and remittances: Managing local checks and remittance of correspondents, records and reports generation for compensation check 21 interface, switch interface, confirmations and returns.

Images and signatures: Generating online documentation, image management by contracted companies and producto.



  • Reduction of cost in hardware infrastructure, software licenses and communications platform Windows.
  • Less personnel for installation and maintenance services platform agencies or branches.
  • Overcrowding Service channels at low cost.


  • Facilitates the creation or modification of transactions and services in record time.
  • Allows Operate independently of the system provider.
  • It works 24/7, without imposing closure processes.
  • He easily integrates with back office platform.


  • Developed On open technologies.
  • Use Middleware to connect to the back office.
  • Has Integrated image management, JBPM, dashboard.
  • They have no dependencies of hardware and software.
  • Contains a shape generator to create new transactions quickly and easily.


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