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Aware that in Latin America more than 60% of bank transactions are done through online banking platforms and mobile banking, in Inttegrio incorporated as part of the core solution, the most advanced platform for Internet & Mobile Banking.

The integration of online services to the core architecture, provides the financial institution a consolidation multi-channel strategy by allowing expose all standard services through various channels.

Inttegrio Internet & Mobile Banking is a modular solution that offers multiple alternatives of integration through web services, Java services, message queues, and other standard protocols. This powerful platform has an open architecture that allows integration with any core switch and transactional system securely and transparently.


  • Membership and customer migration through e2eworks component identification.
  • Image Registration and frequent computer log on.
  • Logging through the creation of a user password, a pass-phrase, OTP (One Time Password) and code card.
  • Balance inquiries, recent movements, receipts, investments and revenue system.
  • Wire Transfer
  • Checks clearing and checkbooks request.
  • Cards, checkbooks and checks deactivation.
  • Request card activations, checkbooks and checks.
  • Payments of loans, credit cards and others.
  • Creating a secure directory of frequently used accounts.
  • Password changes and regeneration of code card.
  • Management of secondary users, spouse, children and employees.
  • Notifications via email or SMS.


  • Email templates, business and personal questions.
  • Make positive validation of customers.
  • Perform blocking and unblocking of customers and channel processes.
  • Set amounts, security images, canals, contracts, terms and conditions.
  • Approve client requests and in general, the back office of a financial institution, in terms of virtual banking is concerned.


Architecture Inttegrio Internet & Mobile Banking division provides logical layers and components that enable optimum performance, towards the integration of open source libraries to streamline the process of software development, maintenance and integration with other systems information.

It is detached from the data sources architecture, which can be from database to enterprise service bus, respecting and making maximum use of design patterns (if not the performance and the generality of the applications is affected). This feature is our strength because it uses specialized components according to their function.



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